Seerah Week – November 2018

A special series of sessions with nursery children all about Prophet Muhammad SAW

Little Treasures of Jannah was blessed to be invited to a local nursery to teach their children all about Prophet Muhammad SAW. We attended 2 sessions a day through the teaching week and covered a different topic each day.

Monday – Who is Muhammad SAW? Children learnt how to say Prophet Muhammad SAW name along with the name of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s mother and father as well as Makkah and the Kabah. Monday’s activity was to make a Kabah Card

Tuesday: Introduction to a Special Message – story telling session about the revealation of the Quran in Cave Hira. Tuesday’s activty was to make a clay model of a cave

Wednesday: Character of Prophet Muhammad SAW was discussed through stories of kindness. Wednesday’s activity was kind hands and kind words

Thursday: Introduced children to a special trip with a special friend to a new place – Madinah. Craft activtiy was to make a Masjid using different shapes and colours cards.

Friday: A special tasting session was arranged for children to try different sunnah foods and to also take a gift basket home. Parents were invitied to the session and children sang along with a Nasheed and recalled the new names and words they had learnt.

Al-humdu lillah it was a very enjoyable and informative week and both I, staff, parents and children enjoyed the learning experience about Prophet Muhammad SAW

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