Gifts from Allah – October 2015 and March 2017

This workshop is one of my favourites, of which Al-humdu lillah we have had a repeated session.

Allah has blessed us with numerous blessings which we can never count. Yet many still complain we don’t have enough. Often children are heard saying “it’s not fair” but are they aware of the blessings they have that many others don’t? Do our children recognise the blessings Allah has given them that they use every day just to survive? Do our children know how they can be grateful for Allah?

The workshop included learning about Allah’s names, learning about the gifts Allah has blessed us with, which we take for granted every day. Children explored the blessing of sight by doing a blind-folded activity. They learned about the blessing of water after been given a bottle of dirty water to drink.

The session was completed by creating a Raindrops of Blessings mobile, of hanging raindrops with blessings Allah has granted us, and that we need to be grateful for. Al-humdu lillah.


In March 2017, children explored the gift of sight and learnt how to write their name in Braille and also learnt about the benefits of drinking water and the Sunnah of drinking water.

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