Ten Blessed Days – August 2017

Dhul-Hajjah is the blessed month in which the pilgrimage of Hajj is performed. But do we also know that this month is blessed for another reason? This month contained the most blessed ten days which Allah has sworn by for their importance and virtue.

Ten Blessed Days was a workshop all about getting ready for the month of Dhul-Hajjah. We discussed deeds which are most rewarding during these 10 days and we explored the stories of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the sacrifices he made for his love for Allah.

Activities included: decoding the deeds, creating a Zam Zam well, creating a sacrificial sheep and identify sacrifices we can make during the 10 days of Dhul-Hajjah.

The gift of Islam was discussed along with the Final Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and children designed a khutbah frame and learnt the tasbeeh and du’aas to be recited during the days of Dhul-Hajjah

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