Deeds Jar

This activity pack is to be used to encourage children to engage in carrying out good deeds for earning the pleasure of Allah. Subconsciously, we all perform good deeds throughout the day, but to consciously carry out good deeds for the sake of Allah; and only seek His pleasure is much more rewarding and helps in developing Taqwa.

By decorating their own Deeds Jar and filling it with ‘Good Deeds’, children are able to develop an awareness of the importance of carrying out good deeds for Allah’s pleasure. In Shaa Allah Children can be encouraged to choose a deed card in the evening and to think about how they will carry out that deed the following day. Encourage your child to perform one good deed a day to support positive character and developing Taqwa.

Deeds can be discussed with family members as to why the deed is rewarding, providing an opportunity for the whole family to get involved and promote goodness. More deeds can be written on cards and added to jar to continue promoting goodness. In Shaa Allah.

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