Treasures of Imaan

This activity pack is to be used to encourage children to learn about and strengthen their Imaan. There are six pillars of Imaan and this pack has an activity for each one!

By creatively decorating a number 1 plaque, reading Surah Ikhlaas and exploring key words from the Surah, children can begin to develop a deeper understanding of Tawheed.

Belief in the Angels is covered through making a keyring with six important Angels names and their roles.

Belief in the Books involves compiling a book about the four Revealed Books from Allah and which Prophets they were revealed to.

Belief in the Prophets is explored through designing a people chain and labelling the five Prophets most mentioned in the Qur’an (no faces please).

By setting up a scale and discussing good and bad deeds, children can develop an understanding of our belief in the Day of Judgement when our deeds will be weighed on the scales before Allah

Finally, Qadr is explored through the Hadith of ‘The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried’ (At-Tirmidhi). Children are able to design a pen with this hadith and can discuss the decree of Allah in relation to them (What elements of their life which are pre-destined and cannot be changed by them, e.g. their birth, their death)

In Shaa Allah this pack can be the start of renewing our Imaan through education and sharing of knowledge.

Treasures of Imaan Activity Pack Resources

Tawheed: Wooden Number 1 plaque, gems and decorations, tracing of Surah Ikhlaas,4 key word cards, Surah Ikhlaas card

Angels: 6 cards with hole punched in the top corner six stickers for Angels names, six stickers for Angels roles, a keyring

Books: collection of cards (2 holes punched on left side) with the revealed books, Prophet names, front card with pillar of Imaan, back card with Qur’anic Ayat, connection card with ‘was revealed to’ written on them. The book needs to be complied in order of books revealed to Prophets, and tied with provided ribbon

Prophets: paper folded as a fan with template sheet provided to trace,five stickers with Prophet names. The people chain will need to be cut and stickers added in order of Prophethood.

Day of Judgement: straw triangle, paper clips to open and hook on either side of the bottom straw to make a scale, hole punched circular cards to write good and bad deeds on. Gems provided to stick on good deeds as they weigh heavier on our scales

Qadr: Pen, straw with hadith stuck on, brown paper to write the decree of Allah.



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